Thursday, July 31, 2008


My work explores the ambivalence that grows from contradiction. What happens to us when the familiar becomes unfamiliar? I have explored this theme through sculpture and paintings.

My work evolves from memories. The sculpture is based on architecture and has a stage-set quality to it. The paintings are based on old snapshots from the 1940’s and 1950’s, when film was slower and people posed stiff and self-conscious, uncomfortably aware of an audience. The sculpture exists absent of people; the figures in my paintings exist without the anchor of architecture.

All my work asks the viewer to look at the dis-ease of the image or object before them. The paintings especially are direct, and disturbing in their directness. I have chosen to use a traditional format for the paintings (portraiture and full figure portraiture) with the idea of self-examination in mind.

My objects all use traditional building materials – wood, drywall, and the construction materials that surrounded me growing up. My paintings are oil-stick, or oil-pastel, and are comprised of many layers of color. The layering of paint builds a highly textured, almost sculptural surface. I am in love with the lushness of paint.


Anonymous said...

Diva - I'm slow on the pick-up. I just realized that you're an artist too.

Did you ever hear of a Chicago artist named Charles Cooper? He was a friend of Mathman's parents. He lived in Rogers Park.

DivaJood said...

Dcup, no - don't know Charles Cooper at all. Hmmm. What kind of work did he do?